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We believe in a diversified global workforce

Recruiting strategies are evolving and most organizations haven’t fully adapted to changes in the traditional workplace. Although we’ve made numerous successful onsite matches for our clients, we specialize in helping companies reach their growth targets by navigating the challenges of remote hiring.

74%of professionals expect remote work to become standard - Forbes

83%of tech talent are not actively looking for new opportunities - Stackoverflow

69%of millennials would give up other benefits for more flexibility - CBRE

25%lower turnover at companies allowing remote work - Owl Labs

Let’s design, build and champion a better talent acquisition model that improves the experience for everyone.

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We know the recruitment and staffing industry has a bad reputation and for good reason. The highly competitive market for top talent like yourself fosters an environment of spam-y sales pitches, poor relationship management and over-promising. Not to mention the stress of all the hoops you’re asked to jump through. We understand your frustration and push our clients to improve the talent experience and make hiring more transparent. Our talent agents work on your behalf to streamline the process of finding your next great opportunity. Applying is better with


Hiring the right talent is hard. Good candidates already have good jobs. It's difficult to stand out as an organization and trying to fulfill your hiring objectives with internal resources is extremely time-consuming. Even if you hire a traditional recruitment firm, filtering through candidates from keyword matches, juggling communications and paying large placement fees is restrictive. The hiring process is a huge time suck with frequently dropped balls, all leading to increased costs, slower hiring times and in the midst of a candidate's market, an increased probability the right candidate will sign with your competition. We’ll help you win more often and accelerate your pipeline. Hiring is better with