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Talent acquisition needs a fresh approach for team alignment
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Top teams trust Sprout.Hr to scale successfully

Our mission is to build an efficient and transparent hiring 
model that enables teams to scale at ease.

By taking a holistic approach to talent alignment we save time, reduce frustration, and improve retention for the most important resource. People.

What makes Sprout.Hr Different?

Technical on-boarding

Our in-house engineering leads onboard each new team build. This means understanding a team's product vision, architecture, and technical environment. Candidates can finally understand the product impact they will have.

Project marketing

Take an inside peek at a team's technical environment, their current technology stack, and the influence this team and their product are bringing to the world.

Team portal

One-stop-shop for teams to review new talent profiles and schedule technical interviews in real-time. All candidates well organized in one place.

Candidates love Sprout.Hr

I've been working with Sprout for years and have not only found great success but also grown a great relationship. Love their modern process and being able to technically align into my desired environment was unlike any other firm can offer.

Amanda Dorenberg

Moving jobs can be extremely stressful but Sprout made the whole process stress-free. The role was a perfect fit, levels of contact were first class and I knew I could trust any information given to me. I love my new job!

Vish Kher

My experiences with Sprout were concise, quick, and very human. Which is everything you want when you're looking for a new job.

Chris Gosselin

Great teams start with Sprout.Hr

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