Why Sprout.Hr?

Hey there! We are the Sprout.Hr team. A mix of talent acquisition, engineering, and operational minds that had enough with the traditional recruitment model. In the cold months of 2018 sitting around a boardroom table catching up as friends, our chats turned into a discussion around the outdated and broken hiring process. That conversation lasted a full day, spawning the creation of our company. Crazy? We know.

As our founding team discussed the frustrations humans faced in the industry, we set out on a mission to offer all people an honest, accurate, and effective new program to align the right humans with each other. Backed by market research, innovative ideation, and ambition to solve some of these complex problems, we launched later that year.

We knew teams are not built on the back of one person but the conglomeration of many that can accelerate a vision to its maximum potential.

Our relationship as a team has grown immensely and with a long road ahead to fix the broken system, we believe we are in the right direction.

Meet the team

Joshua O'Grady
Co-Founder & CEO
Mark Goneau
Co-Founder & CTO
Kevin Bozzo
Co-Founder & COO
Ted Banting
Director of Talent
Lina Ismail
Jeff Williams
Tom Turpin
Steve Okun


Toronto, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario


Sales: (647) 760-4170
Support: (647) 760-4170

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8AM - 8PM
Sat: 10AM - 5PM
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